Yo ^.^ Viancii here *read as Viankie*

A jpop lover :)) JE centered, KAT-TUN.HSJ.SZ.KIS-MY-FT2.JJr. ^.^ I also like the girl group Fairies ^.^

Nice to meet you ^.^
Doing translation is not about making money, it’s about breaking the language barrier.
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Fuma 😁😊🐥

(c_pics) fuma_1128

Fuma 😁😊🐥

(c_pics) fuma_1128

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Translation from Myojo 05.2012

-It’s kinda old lol but I only saw the scan last week

-Translations are not 100% accurate, feel free to correct me, thanks :))

-I did not translate the whole page, only the parts where I’m interested at

(c_orig_scan) kyomototaiga @ lj


Life Chronological Table

December 03, 1994

-Born in Tokyo

6 yrs. old:

-Took elementary entrance exam

15 yrs. old:

-Had an opportunity to sing in senpai’s concerts and such

16 yrs old:

-Appeared in Seiko cm

23 yrs. old

-Act as the lead role in a drama

30 yrs. old


35 yrs. old:

-Advance into overseas markets

60 yrs. old:

-Build a big house near my grandson’s place

80 yrs. old:                                                                                                       

-Live happily every day, surrounded by my family.


a. I feel I have heard from my parents that when I was born, I have a light body weight.

b. At that time, I was 7 months old, I’m always mistaken as a girl

c. When I was a kid, I, with my family, went to an onsen trip. It was fun.

d. This is during Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3 Festival), we went to a studio and took a commemorative photo as a 3 members family.

e. Long ago, I like the rat’s character! I miss this muffler.

f. Certainly, this is when I performed in a play in kindergarten. It is during my 5th yr. birthday celebration.

g. I remember this! Shooting in 2 rows, I was in the stand at the back.

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ueda and taguchi over the years

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Uwaaaaaaa he is so cuuuteeee here haha

(c_orig_scan) kyomototaiga, lj

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His facial expressions ^.^


(c_orig_scan) yoshiko_mama @ lj

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Lewis Jesse in Potato 06.2014 Translation

-Yo :)) This time a translation about Lewis :)) I translated this for my friend ^.^

-I’m not that expert in Japanese :)) Feel free to correct me :)) thanks

-also thanks to orenjidaisuki for helping me with those heart and star emoticon stuffs lol ^.^

-notes: *according to the dictionary*

kyun- momentary tightening of one’s chest caused by powerful feelings

sukinshippu- close relationship esp. physical contact

(c_orig_scan) yoshiko_mama@lj

Douzo!! ^.^

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